Advancing Research

One Mind supports pivotal neuropsychiatric research that is changing the face of brain health.

The future of brain health is collaborative


One Mind’s strategy for advancing research reflects our finding that collaborative, open science generates both faster and more cost-efficient results. That speed is critical to expedite treatments and cures for mental disorders and to provide hope to the millions of people around the world and their families who live with or are at risk for a brain health challenge.

For this reason, we seek to identify strategic funding opportunities in the research landscape and convene support for innovative collaborations that aid our vision of accelerating brain health for all. Across the scale of the research arena, One Mind employs a venture philanthropy model, coordinating public-private partnerships for good between government agencies and private organizations. Leveraging these types of partnerships can triple the impact of the research. A final element of our approach is ensuring that the researchers we fund agree to make their data and analyses accessible to the broader community working to advance knowledge in this space. It turns out that you go farther and faster together. That’s exactly how we plan to make the journey to a better future for brain health.

Our Approach

When public organizations, private companies, and researchers work together to advance brain health, everyone benefits.

Strategic Funding

One Mind identifies strategic funding opportunities to advance research and public awareness and to ensure the funds are used cost-effectively.

Public-Private Partnerships

One Mind builds large-scale public-private partnerships to generate significant results.

Open Science

Incentivizing the open sharing of ideas, methods, and data has been a long-standing pillar of One Mind’s funding strategy.

Research Initiatives

One Mind funds research on a wide range of brain health conditions with the goal of impacting both diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.

Funding Innovative Neuropsychiatric Research

One Mind's Rising Star Awards grant program funds early-career, high-risk research that aims to find breakthroughs to develop more precise diagnostics and therapies for neuropsychiatric illnesses.
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Advancing Youth Mental Health

One Mind's ASPIRe initiative aims to prevent Serious Psychiatric Illness or to dramatically improve recovery by 2040 through expanding and improving early care.
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Providing Hope for Trauma Survivors

One Mind supports AURORA, a national research initiative that works to improve the understanding, resilience, and recovery of individuals who have experienced a traumatic event.
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Better Treatments for Traumatic Brain Injuries

One Mind supports TRACK-TBI, a study that aims to develop FDA-approved biomarkers that will lead to successful clinical treatment trials for traumatic brain injury.
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Ensuring Quality Data in Science

One Mind in partnership with an international team developed DAQCORD, which enables systematic, detailed reporting on data quality.
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Incentivizing and Promoting Open Science

One Mind is an active member of INCF (the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility) that serves as a standards organization dedicated to open and fair neuroscience.
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Research Updates

Check out the latest developments in the One Mind-funded studies led by past Rising Star Award winners.
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Our Work

One Mind’s impact goes beyond research. Learn about our annual Music Festival, weekly Brain Waves interviews, upcoming mental health documentary, and so much more.
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