Attuning the World to Brain Health: Carlos Larrauri and Matthew Racher

Join One Mind President Brandon Staglin for an engaging talk with Carlos Larrauri and Matthew Racher, two passionate brain health advocates leveraging their lived experience, acumen, and their music band FogDog to inspire audiences and to champion recovery-oriented early care.

In this webcast, Carlos and Matt share rich stories from their lived experience and perform a beautiful original song, “You Are Not Alone”.

Comments are now closed. Thanks to all who participated! Please tune in again on August 28 for an engaging talk with Dr. Gari Clifford, a leading scientist in One Mind’s AURORA Program investigating precise ways to predict risk for post-traumatic stress.

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17 thoughts on “Attuning the World to Brain Health: Carlos Larrauri and Matthew Racher

  1. Hi Matt and Carlos! So nice to meet you Brandon. So proud of my son and his dear friend. They are helping so many with their lucid and passionate expression. And Brandon, your work and impact have been so impressive. Hope to meet you soon!

  2. As Fogfog momager and number one groupie, i cudnt be prouder of these amazing souls! May they continue to spread their message and inspire others for many years to come!😘😘❤️❤️

  3. Welcome everyone and thank you for listening! Please feel free to share any comments or questions you may have and Matt and I would be happy to answer. Again, thank you.

  4. A very special thanks to Brandon and everyone who tuned in today to listen to this engaging discussion. Carlos and I humbly appreciate the support of One Mind as well as the opportunity to connect with the viewing audience and discuss topics related to our lived experience, advocacy, and ending stigma. Carlos and I warmly welcome any questions our viewers may have regarding this talk and related topics. Thanks again and remember, you are not alone.

  5. These are the kind of conversations the world needs. Truths shared, excellent questions asked. Shatter the stigma! Sending LOVE and admiration!

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