Helping Kids with Anxiety: Dr. Kate Fitzgerald

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Helping Kids with Anxiety: April 2018 Brain Waves

Click the video link above to watch this interview.

In April 2018, One Mind President Brandon Staglin and Dr. Kate Fitzgerald, the 2016 One Mind / AIM Sullivan Family Foundation Rising Star Award winner had a wonderful Brain Waves interview conversation that was hosted on Facebook Live. During the interview, they discussed Dr. Fitzgerald’s innovative use of brain training to remedy children’s clinical anxiety.

For the 20% of young children who experience clinical anxiety, life might get more challenging as their fears grow with them. About a third to half of such kids remain anxious even after currently available treatments.

The One Mind funded research being led by Dr. Kate Fitzgerald of the University of Michigan is looking to improve this. Dr. Fitzgerald developed Camp Kidpower, a brilliantly original psychosocial means to help kids with anxiety. During our interview, Dr. Fitzgerald explained how Camp Kidpower works as well as the benefits it provides to help children who struggle with anxiety.

Thank you to everyone who watched this Facebook Live interview and for everyone who posed a question to Kate and Brandon during the interview. All questions are shown below on this page.

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