Hope for the Brain Health of Trauma Survivors: Dr. Sam McLean

Join One Mind President Brandon Staglin and Dr. Sam McLean for a talk about the One Mind-funded AURORA program’s research to prevent brain illnesses that can arise from trauma, such as depression, anxiety, psychosis, pain, or post-traumatic stress. Audience Q&A is encouraged.

Dr. McLean was available to answer your questions via this page through 2:00 PM PST on Friday, February 23, 2018. Comments are now closed. Thanks to Dr. McLean and to all who participated!

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23 thoughts on “Hope for the Brain Health of Trauma Survivors

  1. Our son suffered a TBI last year and after a year-long recovery is doing well. My family has a history of mental illness and I’m wondering if he could be at risk?

  2. Is there much difference between someone who is traumatized by the events in wartime as opposed to someone who slowly deeps into everyday frustrations and disappointments that has brought on depression and anxiety?

  3. Hi guys, thanks for doing this. I’m wondering if you think there are public health or health literacy applications for this research?

  4. Hi everyone, glad to answer any other questions via this portal. Thanks to Brandon and One Mind for the opportunity to be on Brain Waves!

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