How Early Psychosis Intervention Helps

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The experience of psychosis can be bewildering and terrifying for someone afflicted, as well as for his or her family. The earliest stages of psychosis are a crucial time to intervene, and fortunately, much good can be done for a patient’s health at that time. When a mother is courageous enough to share about her son’s experience with early psychosis treatment, she deserves to be heard. This time on Brain Waves I present an interview with Hilary Maybank, mother of Nicholas, a young musician and avid surfer who has participated in treatment at CAPPS, the One Mind-funded Center for the Assessment and Prevention of Prodromal States. Their story is moving and ultimately very encouraging.

If you’d like to support research programs such as CAPPS, I invite you to make a donation to One Mind.

Hope you enjoy the feature! -Brandon