Promoting Mental Wellness Through Art: Jeffrey Sparr

Art heals. In this Brain Waves interview that took place in July, 2018, One Mind President Brandon Staglin talks with Jeffrey Sparr about how Jeff’s personal battles with a brain illness led him to co-found and lead the PeaceLove non-profit to promote mental wellness and acceptance through expressive arts and storytelling.

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Learn more about PeaceLove and Jeff’s work here.

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21 thoughts on “Promoting Mental Wellness Through Art: Jeffrey Sparr

  1. What you do is so impactful. Someone once asked to borrow my daughter’s art to share with a Psych 101 class but turned it down because she expected it to be horrific and it was not…it was colorful and hopeful. Can you add anything to address myths about art and brain illness?

    1. Not sure about the myths but i do know that creativity can change people lives, it did mine. Encourage your daughter to keep painting and creating !

  2. What a wonderful conversation and interview. Thank you Jeffrey and thank you Brandon. As Jeffrey states, “Creativity in general can be life changing” and as Brandon states “there’s always hope”.

  3. So enjoyed the opportunity to be on your show and talk about the work that we are doing to help change the conversation around mental health and using expressive arts to help people Create Peace of Mind. Look forward to hearing from folks as happy to try and answer any questions or provide further insight.

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