The recent merging of the One Mind and One Mind Institute organizations allows us to focus our collective energy and resources to fundamentally shift the research ecosystem from one of competition to one based on collaboration, open science and data sharing.

Our mission is to radically accelerate cures for brain illnesses and injuries by funding and fostering game-changing scientific research collaborations and initiatives.

Rather than focusing on a specific brain illness or injury, we are working to support and confirm a research paradigm that can be replicated across all brain diseases; from Alzheimer’s, autism and depression, to schizophrenia, bipolar and beyond.

To prove the efficacy of this research paradigm, currently we are partnering with and supporting two large-scale, multi-centered, longitudinal studies: the 3,000-patient TRACK-TBI/TED studies of traumatic brain injury, and the 5,000-patient AURORA study of trauma and post-traumatic stress. In addition, we will continue to support the flagship program of the One Mind Institute, the annual Rising Star Awards that identified and funded pivotal and innovative brain disorder research since its launch in 2005. Moving forward, the Rising Star Awards will be awarded each year to two or three up-and-coming researchers whose work aligns with our priorities and principles of collaboration and data sharing.

This collaborative research model is already being validated through the early accomplishments of the TRACK-TBI/TED studies which recently received two FDA Letters of Support.

Because the data from the TRACK-TBI/TED and AURORA studies are collected and formatted following the same data standards, in acknowledgement to the fact that there is a high incidence of TBI and post-traumatic stress comorbidity, once these studies are completed, it is our intent to merge the data sets into a ‘collaboratory’ for further combined analyses. This would be a first-of-its-kind collaboration that would bring together two mega-studies from two separate NIH Institutes (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and National Institute of Mental Health).

After the above, our next goal is to champion a similarly structured collaboration that focuses on psychosis and other diseases that affect brain health.

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