One Mind’s New ASPIRe Program

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On October 16th, we sent out an announcement to our 14,000+ person ‘supporter’ email list announcing the new ASPIRe program we are launching in support of those who are afflicted by a serious psychiatric illness. Knowing that some of you may not be on this email list, we are including the content below. Please read, please support this program and please sign up for our ‘newsletter’ email list. 

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Dear One Mind Supporters,

We are excited to share with you more information about a new One Mind program launched to support the millions of youth who are afflicted by an early serious psychiatric illness (SPI). Called ASPIRe (Applications for Serious Psychiatric Illness Recovery), the program looks to leverage open science and data sharing to significantly improve the lives of those who have early SPI.

The two main goals of ASPIRe are:

1 – To increase the percentage of youth with early SPI who receive gold-standard quality evaluations and treatment from the current 8% to 75% by 2040.

2 – To increase the percentage of youth with early SPI who recover from a serious
psychiatric illness from the current 22% to 75% by 2040.
In the near term, One Mind will work to achieve two main deliverables:
1 – To build a learning healthcare network for early SPI community-based programs to share data and ideas so that each facility can learn from one another’s strengths, improving patient care on a large scale.
2 – To pilot research-based care innovations and support innovative ways to enroll young people who have an early serious psychotic illness.
These are lofty goals, but with your help we can and will achieve them!

Dr. Tara Niendam with Brandon Staglin announcing the launch of the ASPIRe program at the 2018 Music Festival for Brain Health.


We are actively raising funds to help launch and fund the early-stage activities of ASPIRe. Please make a donation to One Mind to help those who have a serious psychiatric illness. Your support will fill crucial gaps that will help get ASPIRe off the ground! 

Thank you!