Post-Traumatic Stress is a mental health problem that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event, such as combat, a natural disaster, sexual assault, trauma or the loss of a loved one.

Through our One Mind Rising Star Awards grant program and other funding support channels, One Mind has supported the following scientists in their important and influential post-traumatic stress focused research:


Olivier Berton, Ph.D.
Evaluating How to Use Stress-Governing Proteins to Diagnose, Treat or Prevent Affective Disorders
Program Director
NIDA/BRAIN Initiative
2010 Rising Star Awardee
Denise Cai, Ph.D.
Temporal Memory-Linking: A Circuit Mechanism of PTSD
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
2019 Rising Star Awardee
Michael Fanselow, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of Psychology
University of California, Los Angeles
AURORA (Sam McLean, Principal Investigator)
University of North Carolina
One Mind Funded Research Study